Piers Morgan sparks divide as Boris Johnson refuses to leave for months – ‘Preposterous!’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Twitter user, @PxckedNath commented: “As a British citizen, I’m disgusted by all these comments towards Boris. In all my years as a British citizen I’ve never seen a PM better than Boris Johnson and I think he’s the best Prime Minister we’ve ever had. Back him and trust the process. We can still do this.”

@sovsewmac tweeted: “For a country who is so anti-bullying, we sure are good at it. Some more than others, yet support for it is paramount.”

@Meandmymonkey agreed: “Would that be right for the country – in this current climate. All of this is over class C non issues really compared to the challenges faced.”

@Jonsnow quizzed: “Why is he resigning?”

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