Family Sues Meta, Claiming Instagram Caused Daughter’s Eating Disorder

The family allege that as Alexis’ social media addiction grew worse, she “became sleep deprived, became anxious, and felt guilty about what she was doing to her family,” who did not know that she was operating multiple accounts online.  

They also added that because of “Instagram’s addictive design and product features,” her “relationship with her parents greatly suffered,” noting that it often felt like it was “her and her devices against her parents.” 

As a result of Instagram pushing “extreme weight loss content” onto Alexis’ feed, her parents claim she became “obsessed with her weight,” adding, “From the outset, Alexis’ Explore page was filled with nothing but overly thin models and thigh gaps.” 

In 2018, Alexis, who was described in the suit as a “confident and happy child,” was hospitalized for depression, anxiety and anorexia. The family alleges that it was a direct result of “the harmful content and features Instagram relentlessly promoted and provided to her in its effort to increase engagement.” 

The suit alleged that, following her hospitalization, Alexis has undergone “professional counseling, in-patient programs, outpatient programs, and eating disorder programs, and she will likely require help in the form of a service dog for the rest of her life.”

“She must stay in constant contact with her doctors, and fights to stay in recovery every day,” the documents continued. “Alexis will suffer permanent mental and emotional damages because of what Instagram has done.” 

Tess Daly, 53, stuns in bikini-clad holiday snaps with husband Vernon Kay | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Tess Daly, 53, has taken to Instagram with stunning shots alongside her husband Vernon Kay, 48. The two can be seen holidaying together as the model shows off her new brand, Naia Beach’s clothing. 

The television presenter showed off four snaps of herself in various outfits. 

She can be seen in the first wearing a linen blue dress and square shades as she strolled on the sand. 

In another shot, she is standing alongside husband Vernon as he is dressed in a white shirt with matching shorts and shoes, with red shades.

Meanwhile, she opted for a silk pink gown, baring her shoulder and golden hoops to match. 

Tess also wore a light tiger design robe and an opaque, light blue gown to match her swimsuit. 

Mama June Upsets Pumpkin’s Marriage in Road to Redemption Clip

Mama June‘s new relationship is messing with her daughter’s marriage.

June’s daughter LaurynPumpkin” Efird and her husband Josh Efird discuss June’s latest shenanigans and how it’s negatively impacting their relationship in this exclusive clip from the June 10 episode of Mama June: Road to Redemption.

“Did you see that s–t about Mama?” Pumpkin asks Josh. The “s–t” Pumpkin is referring to is the news that June is dating a mysterious 24-year-old.

Not only that, Pumpkin speculates that June stranded her own daughter, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, to rush home to her new boy toy.

“Now she’s living over there with some 24-year-old guy,” Pumpkin says. “Damn, you can’t just sit f–kin’ down for a minute?”

Josh feigns shock as his wife complains about her mother, which probably isn’t the best approach. “I’m shocked,” Josh jests. “I mean, never seen it coming. Did you?”

Pumpkin isn’t in a joking mood, responding “What a smart ass, shut up.”

Jeremy Clarkson aims savage jibe at Springwatch presenters after badger ‘stamping’ remark | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Jeremy Clarkson caused horror when he told the world that he would “happily stamp repeatedly” on the head of a badger if he encountered one on his land. Now he has directed a savage jibe at the presenters of Springwatch after they spoke out in defence of the species, countering that it is the “most terrible” one on the planet.

Jeremy, 62, exclaimed on Twitter today: “I can’t imagine the nation’s hedgehogs, lapwings or farmers are as pleased about badgers as the presenters of Springwatch.”

He had already exchanged angry comments with Chris Packham earlier this year about who was responsible for the decline in hedgehogs, with Chris insisting that farmers were to blame, and Jeremy pointing to badgers.

The comment today, made in view of his 7.7 million followers, reignited the debate.

@AlanPWig1 hit back: “I like badgers more than people.”

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@Gra_Rus suggested that Springwatch would not be interested in farming as it “damages the countryside and isn’t good for wildlife”.

@ThisGuyCraig tried to lighten the mood with a joke, jibing: “Badgers are the Piers Morgan of the animal world; 90% of people hate them but that 10% always exist.”

Jeremy had previously addressed Chris directly, appealing: “Come on, Chris, you’re a countryman, so I know you know the real reason the poor things are in decline.”

He continued: “A quarter of all the world’s badgers now live in the UK. There are so many that some are struggling to find a home, and therefore wander the streets at night in vests, drinking Stella.

“These vile creatures give cattle TB, they knock down walls and live on a diet of vital earthworms, lapwing eggs . . . and hedgehogs.”

However, Chris, a vice president at the RSPCA, had already made his feelings clear, denouncing the badger cull of 2020 as “cruel and ineffective”.

Chris, who is vice president of the RSPCA, has previously criticised the badger cull in 2020, calling it “cruel and ineffective”.

So far the Springwatch star has made no response to Jeremy’s jibe this evening.

See Trevante Rhodes’ Incredible Transformation Into Mike Tyson

This transformation is a knockout.

Trevante Rhodes shows off his heavyweight portrayal of Mike Tyson in the June 8 teaser for the Hulu series Mike, premiering August 25.

The footage depicts Tyson in different stages of his life, culminating with the “Iron” Mike persona that became just as notorious outside the boxing ring. Rhodes flaunts Tyson’s incredible physique, infamous face tattoo and shiny gold tooth while saying “they call me a savage.”

Famed boxing promoter Don King (Russell Hornsby) and Tyson’s ex-wife Robin Givens (Laura Harrier) make appearances, and we even get a sneak peek at Tyson’s shocking ear-biting incident with Evander Holyfield in 1997.

The eight-episode series “explores the tumultuous ups and downs of Tyson’s boxing career and personal life,” according to Hulu, “from being a beloved global athlete to a pariah and back again.”

Mike is from creator and screenwriter Steven Rogers, who already brought us a look at one controversial, embattled athlete with 2017’s Tonya Harding biopic I, Tonya, starring Margot Robbie (She’ll executive produce Mike.)

Eva Longoria, 47, showcases peachy rear and enviably toned abs in tight-fitting gym gear | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Eva Longoria has showcased her peachy behind as she worked up a sweat during a gym workout today.

Taking to her stories, the Desperate Housewives star, 47, gave her 8.7 million followers a glimpse of her workout regime as she told how much she loved her gym gear.

Eva filmed herself as she took to the gym in a mint-coloured gym set which flaunted her enviably flat tummy.

Walking towards the wall-length mirror, the star brandished her water bottle while giving fans a top to toe view of her gym clothes.

Finally, Eva zoomed in on her behind, displaying her peachy rear which looks sculpted in the tight-fitting gym leggings.

Jeremy Clarkson fears spending final days ‘howling, sobbing and quivering in a corner’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

He continued, telling an anecdote about a run-in he had with a girl who was surprisingly accepting of her fate. 

The Clarkson’s Farm star wrote in his Sunday Times Column that over the years he has been around people in their “last moments and I’m always staggered by how sanguine they are. How accepting of their fate.”

He told the story of a girl he made who became pregnant shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. 

“Despite the gut-wrenching sadness of the moment, she smiled and was calm,” he said.

Piers Morgan in tears as Matthew McConaughey’s gun massacre speech reminds him of daughter | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

In dramatic scenes, the White House then released a statement reminding the public that “the Constitution enshrines the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press”.

Although Piers is now back home in the UK, he still cares passionately about gun law reform and he has posted again about the issue on Twitter today.

He discussed his column for the New York Post in view of almost eight million followers, describing “why @McConaughey‘s heartbreaking, passionate speech about the Uvalde school massacre was the most powerful & unifying rhetoric on guns I’ve ever heard.”

He added: “These #Uvalde hearings are heartbreaking, enraging, sickening & unbearable. The answer to all this misery, pain and torment cannot be to do nothing, America.”

‘Completely destroy you’ Cliff Richard feared heart attack after false sex assault claims | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Sir Cliff Richard, 81, has made an impassioned plea after admitting he feared he would suffer a heart attack when he was falsely accused of child sexual assault charges. The Mistletoe and Wine singer denied all claims and was never arrested.

He sued the BBC over its coverage of a police raid on his home, winning £210,000 in damages in 2018. 

The broadcaster was also ordered to cover Cliff’s legal costs, which exceeded £850,000, and South Yorkshire Police was ordered to pay him £400,000 damages. 

After Cliff spent more than £3million clearing his name, he made a speech in the House of Lords on Wednesday explaining that he will never get over the ordeal. 

He is campaigning to change the law so that suspects have anonymity unless they are charged with a crime. 

It added that it was “pleased” to have reached an “amicable settlement” in the case. 

Officers had been investigating an allegation made by a man who had accused Cliff of a sexual assault dating back to 1985.

Cliff was never arrested or charged, and the case was dropped two years later.

“It was very intrusive,” Cliff told Jonathan Ross. 

Victoria Beckham shares snap of ‘water baby’ Harper, 10, to celebrate World Oceans Day | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

In view of her 30.1 million followers, Victoria shared a short, black and white clip of her daughter in a swimming pool.

The mother of four had added a sparkling filter over the snap as Harper lay on her back and relaxed while taking a dip.

Victoria captioned the post: “Happy #WorldOceansDay from my favourite little water baby! #HarperSeven

“We’re so lucky to have our beautiful oceans, it’s so important to care for them today and every day,” she told her fans.

Victoria’s followers rushed to comment on the post, applauding the star for her efforts to raise awareness for the cause.