Shania Twain Addresses Ex-Husband’s Alleged Affair in New Documentary

From this moment on, Shania Twain is telling her side of the story.  

The iconic country singer, 56, is diving deep into the trials and tribulations that she has experienced throughout her legendary career in the first trailer for her upcoming Netflix documentary Not Just A Girl released on July 20. 

And it appears that no topic is off the table—including Shania’s ex-husband Robert “Mutt” Lange‘s alleged affair with her best friend Marie-Anne Thiébaud back in 2008 that ended their 14-year-long marriage. 

The trailer includes a clip from a 2011 Today interview with Meredith Vieira, in which Meredith notes that “your best friend had an affair with your husband that led to divorce.” It then cuts to a separate clip of present-day Shania sitting on an ottoman in front of a scenic lake backdrop.

“It was similarly intense to losing my parents,” Shania says in the clip. “I thought I’d lost my voice forever. I thought that was it.” 

It is not clear if Shania’s comments are in reference to her ex-husband. E! News has reached out to Robert for comment but has not heard back. 

From rough sleeper to MBE: Jay Flynn found the answers that saved his life | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Jay Flynn went from sleeping on a bench to internet sensation (Image: MARTYNA, ANDY PARSONS/ THE BIG ISSUE)

Jay, 40, went from sleeping rough on a London bench for two years to becoming an internet sensation during lockdown after hundreds of thousands of people enjoyed his online pub quizzes.

After raising £1.3million for charity, he was awarded an MBE by the Duke of Cambridge at Windsor Castle last December.

Now he’s making the move from fans’ laptops to the big screen with a film, which will come out next year, telling his astonishing story.

A huge champion of rough sleepers himself, when Jay saw those pictures of the future King quietly doing his bit on the streets of London he was surprised.

He hadn’t realised that William was following in the footsteps of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, who was a patron of the Centrepoint homeless charity.

“I didn’t realise how big he is on ­homelessness,” Jay confesses. “Now I know it’s such an emotive issue for him I would love to find a way to work with him in any
way, shape or form I can. I think there’s a way to get him as a cameo, recreating his Big Issue-selling role or even in the background of the shot!”

Jay hasn’t contacted the Palace directly, but he has a plan. “I’m going to say to the team, this is what you need to do. Off you go, make it happen. We’ll see,” he chuckles.

Jay Flynn was awarded MBE for raising £1.3million for charity

Jay Flynn was awarded MBE for raising £1.3million for charity (Image: PA)

Garrulous, unassuming, and somewhat nerdy, Jay’s a natural quizmaster. He collects information.

Shortly after our Zoom chat starts, he becomes briefly distracted as a train passes by his home in Darwen, Lancashire.

“It’s a completely different colour than normal,” he explains. “I love my trains.”

The last two years have been a whirlwind. Jay made his name as the nation was ordered to stay at home in March 2020.

The former pub landlord set up a Facebook quiz for friends and family but didn’t know to alter his settings to privacy, which meant anyone could join in – and join in they did.

“I now know how these stupid people who create an event which says ‘I’m having a party at home – do you want to come along?’ see 12,000 people turn up,” he chuckles. “By the time that first quiz came around, over half a million people were interested.”

He was asked to host more, which he live-streamed on YouTube. Celebrities including Dame Judi Dench, Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross and Gary Barlow signed up to become co-hosts.

By April 2020, Jay had set a Guinness World Record for the “most viewers of a quiz YouTube live stream” as 182,513 viewers tuned in. He racked up 20 million online views in a year. Two book deals followed. It was a strange time.

Why does he think he did so well? “I don’t honestly know,” he admits. “For a lot of people, it became part of their routine… the only thing I can say is that I don’t take myself seriously.”

Today, he still runs quizzes and is the Thursday quizmaster on the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2.

But fame hasn’t changed him, he says. He credits his wife, Sarah, and their son, Jack, five, for keeping him grounded, along with his friends who teasingly call out “a celebrity’s here” when he meets them in the pub.

“I don’t suddenly walk around like I’m Elon Musk because I’m never going to trouble the Sunday Times Rich List and that is not something I’ve ever wanted to do,” Jay says.

“Having spent two and a half years ­without any money, it doesn’t get me out of bed in the morning. As long as I’ve got a roof over my head and I can provide for my wife and child that is all I’m bothered about.”

Jay credits his wife and their son for keeping him grounded

Jay credits his wife and their son for keeping him grounded (Image: PA)

Those modest ambitions are understandable given the way Jay’s life spiralled out of control 15 years ago. He was in his mid-20s and engaged to be married when he split up with his then fiancée.

With nowhere to live, he sofa-surfed at a friend’s while working as a driver’s mate. But he struggled to sleep and lost his job after too many late starts. So he worked in pubs, but his mental health deteriorated as he struggled with heartbreak and homelessness.

“Having not dealt with the relationship breakdown, I was trying to be upbeat and hide that I was broken,” he says. “I lost faith in everyone around me and, all of a sudden, I couldn’t trust the people who would naturally try to help me.”

Discussions about mental health were still largely taboo in 2007. “It got to the point where I was so broken that I decided that if I walked out the door one night, no one would miss me, and if I threw myself off a bridge then really no one would miss me,” Jay says.

As he contemplated taking his own life, he called the Samaritans, who kept him on the phone until the police arrived. He attempted to take his life twice more, the first time washing down painkillers with alcohol.

“It just gave me a belly ache and used the last of the money that I had,” he says. His failed attempts made him feel worse but eventually proved a turning point.

“They made me go through rock bottom and out the other side,” he says. Resolving to survive, he picked the second bench along from Embankment station and slept there every night, rising at 7am and returning at nightfall. He existed like this for two long years.

“You now live at Number Three, Riverside View, Victoria Embankment – that’s your home, just get on with life,” he reflects. “Your daily job is walking up to 16 hours a day ­seeing what loose change you can find.”

He kept one of his few possessions, a portable radio, for company and survived on 15p packets of custard creams and Swiss rolls.

Occasionally he got lucky. Once, on Park Lane, he found £40-worth of banknotes “floating up the street”. And when he found pounds instead of pennies, he ate ­sausage and chips from a kebab shop on Tottenham Court Road.

Why did he return to the same bench each night? “It was home, that simple,” he says. “It was safety and shelter, as daft as it sounds… I tried everything that I could to blend in and not appear as a homeless person.”

Jay had to survive off of 15p custard creams

Jay had to survive off of 15p custard creams (Image: PA)

The Embankment mostly provided a peaceful spot by the Thames.

“I only got hassled once and that was a group of German tourists queuing up to get on a tour boat,” he says. “I overslept, it was midday, and they were throwing little stones at me to wake me up.”

Despite all he endured, Jay never touched drugs or alcohol.

“Drinking never entered my head,” he says. I remember finding a bottle of gin and 200 cigarettes in a Duty-Free bag and I left them on a train. Now, there’s no way I would give away a bottle of gin!”

The next turning point came the night an outreach worker from homeless charity The Connection at St Martin’s passed Jay as he slept and left a card inviting him to visit their night centre.

It took him a few days to summon the courage to go but when he did he was provided with clean clothes and shower facilities. He credits the humanity and decency afforded to him there with shaping who he has become today.

“I was a shell of a person, I no longer had a personality because our personalities are built by our interactions with people and what we do in our daily life,” he says.

“I’m a quiet and shy individual who doesn’t really want to be out there but I’m also the most empathetic and loving person who will do anything for anyone.”

With help from The Connection, Jay joined football and art sessions before finding accommodation and a job as a team leader for Sainsbury’s. He moved to Wigan and met his wife Sarah in March 2013. They moved to Darwen together six months later.

His old life may be behind him, yet a constant “why me” nibbles away at Jay’s thoughts. “I don’t believe in myself,” he admits.

He grew up in Wimbledon Park, south London, with his mum, younger sister, grandmother and grandfather, Christopher, who died when Jay was 16.

“That broke me because he was my father figure,” he says. “He hadn’t completely trained me in how to be a man and then I had to find my own way in the world.”

A former child actor who appeared in Casualty and The Bill, Jay has dismissed the idea of playing himself in the film made by the production company behind A Street Cat Named Bob. He fancies British actors Rafe Spall, Will Poulter or Matthew Lewis of Harry Potter fame for the part.

Flynn will release new film detailing his life

Flynn will release new film detailing his life (Image: PA)

“I wouldn’t want some big A-list name who is just about the money and doesn’t give a flying monkeys about me or where I’ve come from,” he says. “I want someone who’s gonna come along and do it justice.”

He’s ready for a rerun of intense fame, if with a little trepidation. Unkind trolls forced him off social media after accusing him of selling out. One person suggested he only got his MBE because Boris Johnson had hosted one of his quizzes.

“Everything I do is for other people,” he says. “That’s what really hurts.”

He has no plans to host TV quizzes. An ambassador for The Connection, he is more interested in finding a solution to end rough sleeping and helping people understand “that every single homeless person out there is different”.

His story has helped but more work is needed, he stresses. “A lot of people say I’ve changed their perception of homelessness because of how I ended up how I did. It can happen to anyone.”

Prince Harry and Zak Williams candid revelation on grieving a famous parent: ‘So isolated’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Prince Harry spoke to Zak Williams as part of the Apple TV+ series The Me You Can’t See, swapping stories of love, grief and moving forward last year. The legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams would have turned 71 today if not for his tragic death in 2014.

Losing a parent can often be a traumatic experience, with grief that seemingly never fades but the situation is vastly different for those under careful watch of the public eye.

In the conversation between Zak and the Prince, they revealed an additional barrier they both faced when grieving the loss of their parents: the global audience.

Both Robin, Zak’s father, and Princess Diana, Harry’s mother, were widely adored and celebrated across the world during their life, and arguably even more so in their death.

Zak shared he found himself “emotionally dysregulated” and found the grieving process “really challenging” at first.

The actor was 31 when his dad died and he struggled to balance public and private grieving.

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He explained: “I really didn’t get a chance to really focus on the private grieving process until a year and a half after my dad passed away.”

Robin Williams died by suicide in 2014 although it was later found that he had been battling the severe neurological disease Lewy body dementia.

The tragic diagnosis would unfortunately only be made post-mortem but the symptoms had been on display for a while.

Months before his death, the actor reportedly found himself consumed by anxiety, paranoia and insomnia and struggled to remember lines which greatly frustrated him.

Shortly following his father’s death, Zak added that he found himself self-medicating with alcohol which was “damaging my relationship with my family”.

He went on to say: “I felt so broken and so isolated.

“I also had to cut out the self-medicating and experience things in the way that I needed to experience them and just feel despite how painful it all felt.”

Zak shared that the already difficult situation was made worse by being thrust into the spotlight: “I found myself really emotionally dysregulated, feeling vulnerable and exposed when I wasn’t ready to be vulnerable. That created a major challenge for me.”

Prince Harry lost his mother to a car accident when he was just 12, but noted that he related to the feeling Zak was describing.


He added the “shared experience” of watching other people grieve for someone they loved strangely left them “unable to grieve”.

Diana’s death made headlines around the world, with millions of mourners paying tribute to the People’s Princess.

However, young Harry apparently found this disconcerting, sharing: “How are you showing more, more sort of, how are you grieving more for someone who is my parent and I’m unable to grieve myself?”

The royal had also opened up earlier in the series explaining how he had suppressed the emotions around his mother’s passing for years.

He explained that thinking about her made him sad, adding, “What’s the point in thinking about something sad, what’s the point of thinking about someone that you’ve lost and you’re never going to get back again.”

The heartbreaking situation saw Harry eventually finding himself in therapy where he was able to confront and understand his emotions.

The Duke of Sussex later shared he believed Diana would be “incredibly proud” of him and that he now feels “her presence more”.

Harry would go on to speak about his newfound connection with Zak on Good Morning America.

He shared: “The parallel thread between what happened with him at his age and what happened to me at my age, it’s remarkably similar.” 

A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton, 40, shows off taut abs and ample assets in bikini | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Laura Hamilton, 40, looked amazing as she soaked up the sun in Cyprus, updating her followers throughout the trip.

The A Place in the Sun host took to Instagram last night to share two snaps of herself stripped down to a bikini.

In the first photo, Laura can be seen to be smiling as she laid at the corner of the pool, showing off her sensational gym-honed figure.

Likewise, while enjoying the beach, Laura posted another picture of herself in a white bikini as she posed with her arms in the air.

She showed off her incredible gym-honed figure, along with having her ample assets on full show in the small white bikini.

Laura captioned the post in view of her 158,000 Instagram followers: “Are you a pool or beach person?… comment.

“I am always grateful to enjoy afternoons off in beautiful locations.”

Kate Moss shows off ageless beauty in leopard print shirt amid new Diet Coke role | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Kate Moss, 48, looked younger than ever last night as she hosted an event to mark her new Diet Coke ‘Love What You Love’ campaign.

The supermodel, who has recently been appointed the new role, flaunted her ageless looks in a leopard print shirt.

Kate looked fantastic as she DJ’d at the party, which took place at London’s 180 The Strand, where she unveiled four new limited-edition can designs.

She also posed for a series of pictures alongside the new can designs, which were inspired by some of her most iconic looks.

Ciara and Russell Wilson Level Up For 2022 ESPYS Red Carpet

Ciara and Russell Wilson continue to be on top of their game.
For the 2022 ESPY Awards on July 20, the couple arrived on the red carpet together in stylish fashion. The “Level Up” singer turned heads with her plunging neckline and bedazzled silver bustier paired with diamond jewelry. As for Russell’s ensemble, the football star chose to put his own spin on the suit game with his own unique ensemble. 
It’s worth noting that this won’t be the only time that fans will see the couple during the sports-centric ceremony. Both Ciara, 36, and Russell, 33, will serve as individual presenters for two awards, respectively.
As sports fans will also note, as a football star, Russell is no stranger to the annual celebration, with the Denver Broncos quarterback having already won two ESPY awards. In 2013, he nabbed an award for Best Breakthrough Athlete, which was followed by another award for Best NFL Player the following year.

Find Out the Show Bringing Kurt & Wyatt Russell Together

Kurt and Wyatt Russell have a monster problem on their hands.

The real-life father and son duo have been cast in Apple TV+’s upcoming live-action monster series based on the Monsterverse franchise, E! News can confirm.

While the show’s title has yet to be revealed and the identities of the characters played by Kurt and Wyatt remain a mystery, it sounds like things are about to get dicey for the both of them.

“Following the thunderous battle between Godzilla and the Titans that leveled San Francisco and the shocking new reality that monsters are real,” the streaming service revealed, “the untitled series will explore one family’s journey to uncover its buried secrets and a legacy linking them to the secret organization known as Monarch.”

The series follows in the footsteps of the Monsterverse film series, which began with 2014’s Godzilla and subsequently featured 2017’s Kong: Skull Island, 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and 2021’s Godzilla vs. Kong.

Hannah Ann Sluss and Jake Funk Deserve a Trophy for Winning ESPYS Look

Everything is coming up roses for this sporty couple.

On July 20, Bachelor Nation’s Hannah Ann Sluss and Los Angeles Rams football player Jake Funk stepped out for the 2022 ESPYS at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

Hannah Ann was pretty in pink thanks to her bright dress and sparkling clutch. She was styled by celebrity hairstylist Bradley Leake using Hidden Crown Hair, COLOR WOW and Boujee Beauty. As for Jake, he swapped out his signature jersey for a well-fitted suit and tie. And yes, we spy that impressive watch on his right hand and fashionable shoe choice. No cleats allowed, fellas!  

It could be a big night for the Los Angeles Rams who became Super Bowl champions in February. The organization is nominated for Best Team alongside Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. At the beginning of the show, Rams player Cooper Kupp won the award for Best Championship Performance. 

Bella Hadid Just Made a Case for Wearing a Sweater in the Summer

Although Bella isn’t afraid to try new trends, she previously admitted one of her beauty regrets.

“I wish I had kept the nose of my ancestors,” she told Vogue in March about her rhinoplasty at 14 years old. “I think I would have grown into it.”

Bella also addressed rumors that she’s had other cosmetic procedures, ijncluding “her eyes lifted, her jaw shaved, her lips filled,” but she set the record straight.

“People think I fully f–ked with my face because of one picture of me as a teenager looking puffy,” she continued. “I’m pretty sure you don’t look the same now as you did at 13, right? I have never used filler. Let’s just put an end to that. I have no issue with it, but it’s not for me. Whoever thinks I’ve gotten my eyes lifted or whatever it’s called—it’s face tape! The oldest trick in the book.”

Bella added, “People can say anything about how I look, about how I talk, about how I act. But in seven years I never missed a job, canceled a job, was late to a job. No one can ever say that I don’t work my ass off.”

How Steph Curry Showed Support for Brittney Griner at the 2022 ESPYS

Athletes attending the 2022 ESPYS couldn’t help but notice one sports star missing in the audience.

During the live telecast, host Stephen Curry joined WNBA players Nneka Ogwumike and Skylar Diggins-Smith to speak out in support of Brittney Griner, who remains detained in Russia.

While Stephen said he was “proud” to announce the WNBA as the sports humanitarian league of the year, he wanted to acknowledge Brittney’s absence from the sport.

“We cannot stop fighting for her,” he said inside the Dolby Theatre on July 20. “We cannot stop believing for her. We will not stop hoping for the day we can welcome her home safely.”

Brittney is an eight-time WNBA All-Star and an Olympic gold medalist. For 153 nights, she has been detained in Russia after she was arrested in February at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport for allegedly possessing vape cartridges containing cannabis oil. On July 7, the basketball player pleaded guilty to drug charges and said she had not acted deliberately.