Jo Wood opens up on love life after split from ex Ronnie Wood ‘Quite happy as I am’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Jo Wood has opened up on her love life following her split from her ex-husband, Rolling Stones guitarist, Ronnie Wood. Speaking exclusively to, the former model, 67, didn’t rule out marrying for a third time but said that it’s not on her mind at the moment as she’s “happy” being single.

Ahead of marrying the Stones musician, Jo was previously married to Peter Greene.

In 1973, the couple eloped to Las Vegas but divorced three years later.

Earlier this year, Jo addressed the reason behind her split from sports development consultant Carl Douglas, admitting she had too much “emotional stuff going on” following the death of her brother Paul.

In 2020, the former model was dealt the heartbreaking news that her brother had died of Covid after being hospitalised with breathing problems.

Jo was heartbroken by the news as her sibling’s health decline was “incredibly sudden” and he wasn’t believed to have been ill before his death.

However, it was later uncovered that Paul was also battling heart disease.

During this difficult time, the former model has now said that the loss of her brother is what led to the end of her relationship with Carl later that year.

In a new interview with Platinum magazine, the former model expressed how she was still coming to terms with Paul’s death and no longer felt like the romance with Carl was a priority of hers.

“I think I had so much emotional stuff going on that I couldn’t deal with being in that relationship,” she told the publication.

“It was very hard for me, losing my brother, and I couldn’t give.

“I needed to be on my own.”

Speaking of Paul’s death, the mother-of-three believed he would have died regardless of whether Covid had infected him or not due to this heart condition.

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