‘It’s carnage’ John Barrowman’s horror as star caught up in Berlin crash as one person kil | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

In view of his 503, 000 followers, the former Dancing On Ice judge shared a candid video taking at the scene of the incident.

He captioned the post: “Update from the horrible situation in Berlin…We are ok. Jb.”

“It’s really pretty bad guys,” John said in a clip uploaded to Twitter. “Over where we are here, there’s a lot of police, a dead body in the middle of the road.”

John went on to describe what he saw, explaining: “If I’m pointing to you from the road, up there, the car came down onto the pavement, we had dinner in that restaurant last night, the car came down onto the pavement and has some onto the road over there, has hit somebody and then has gone down the road and has come back onto the pavement down that way, and come back onto the pavement and gone through a bunch of people, gone through the photograph I posted of a cafe and right into a storefront window.”

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