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Chris Packham, 61, was forced to miss an episode of Springwatch when he caught a sudden illness and was violently “throwing up” before going on air. Chris’ co-star Michaela Strachan, 56, made the admission whilst she was discussing blunders that the duo have faced throughout their decades-long career together.

Michaela recalled to and other press: “Chris was throwing up just before a show and he couldn’t go on air because he was chucking up in a sink from food poisoning.

“It’s a live show, of course things go wrong, but I am actually amazed how few times things have gone dramatically wrong in the 12 or 13 years that I have been doing it.”

The TV veteran also reminisced about another incident which saw their broadcast halted when nearby rivers burst their banks.

She explained: “We had the most unbelievable floods where the rivers burst their banks, and everything got flooded.

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“It was so close to going in the OB truck and that would have been hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage.  

“Fortunately, it didn’t get in, but there was no way we could do the programme as normal. There was just floods everywhere, half the nests were flooded out. But it was incredible how many of the birds survived and how few actually got damaged from those floods.  

“We had to do a very different programme when we managed to get back on air.”  

Chris and Michaela have worked together since 1993 as co-hosts on CBBC’s The Really Wild Show.

“That’s when you see the team do their very best and you see everyone pull together.  

“It is amazing what everyone can do when something goes wrong and watching the shows back you would never have known there was a problem in the first place.”

It comes as the latest series of Springwatch is set to hit screens next week.

The trio will be joined by fellow presenter, Iolo Williams, as they take viewers on a wildlife journey across UK locations.

The series is back with dozens of live cameras capturing the unpredictability of wildlife over three weeks.

Viewers can expect insights into the birth of wild badgers, the romance of cuttlefish and the habitat of the greater horseshoe bat.

Chris and Michaela will be at Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk, Megan will take viewers on a road trip across the North of England, while Iolo is returning to the Isle of Mull.

Springwatch returns to BBC Two on Monday at 8pm.

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