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Chris Packham, 61, said he “cares little” about what stepdaughter Megan McCubbin, 27, thinks about his outfit choices on Springwatch. The presenter’s unique wardrobe has been a topic of conversation among BBC viewers, but Chris insists that he “quite likes” his sense of style.

Chris told and other press: “If only I could show you photographs of Megan’s face when I put something on and say, ‘What do you think?’  

“A couple of years ago I did a bit of online shopping at an internet auction site and I bought a lot of shirts for less than £20.  

“I quite like retro styles, so they are made from some hideous fabrics: nylons, polyesters and things like that.  

“I quite like upcycling or recycling clothes, so I tend to wear quite a lot of retro stuff.

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“What Megan thinks about what I’m wearing, frankly, with respect Beast, I care little really.”

Megan swiftly responded: “I know that!  

“I’m always shocked when he comes downstairs.

“Increasingly so as he has gotten older.”

He can be incredibly stylish a lot of the time.”

She also noted that Springwatch’s sister shows, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch, are held during colder months so Chris’s retro looks tend to be covered up.

Megan then issued an apology to viewers and hinted that Chris’s unique wardrobe will be out in full force during the upcoming series of the BBC nature show.

She said: “With Spring, it is in the daylight and it’s warmer so you can kind of take off the puffer coats.

“That’s when his retro t-shirts come into play, so, apologies!”

The latest series of Springwatch will return to BBC Two on Monday at 8pm.

The long-running nature programme will see Chris, Megan, Michaela Strachan and Iolo Williams explore wildlife around the UK.

Viewers can expect insights into the birth of wild badgers, the romance of cuttlefish and the habitat of the greater horseshoe bat.

Chris and Michaela will be at Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk, Megan will take viewers on a road trip across the North of England, while Iolo is returning to the Isle of Mull.

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