‘People are surprised’ Loose Women’s Frankie Bridge on reaction to ‘secret door’ at home | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

“I didn’t even think about it, as I’m so used to it being there. It caused quite a stir, ha!

“It’s definitely a talking point when new people come round.”

When it comes to designing her interiors, Frankie likes to keep things “practical” and admitted she would “hate” to have a “pristine” house.

Speaking of the decision-making process with Wayne, Frankie revealed: “It’s mainly me, but I definitely don’t make any decisions without him.

Gemma Atkinson fans feared the worst over pic without engagement ring amid delayed wedding | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Instagram followers were then treated to a special Valentine’s Day post in 2021 announcing their engagement.

Gemma got pregnant at 34 and looks unlikely to be married until at least 38, but she defended people’s rights to set their own timelines for life’s milestones without being judged for it, in an Instagram post today.

It showed another comparison photo – an illustration of a woman with a partner and a baby on one side, and an illustration of a lone woman with a glass and a slice of pizza in her hand.

Above both photos, she had clarified that the female in it was “an established and complete woman”.

Ciara Reveals How Russell Wilson and Family Make Her Feel Confident

Ciara may be on the cover of a magazine, but it’s being around family that makes her feel good about herself.

The “Get Up” singer—who graces one of the covers of the 2022 Issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit—reflected on what fuels her fire when it comes to being self-assured.

While on the red carpet of the magazine’s launch event, Ciara shared that it’s being with her husband Russell Wilson and her children: Future Zahir Wilburn, 8—who she shares with ex FutureWin Harrison Wilson, 21 months and Sienna Princess Wilson, 5, that makes all the difference.

“I feel the most confident when I’m in my element at home with my family,” Ciara exclusively told E! News on May 19. “Their love makes me feel so confident It makes me feel good.”

The singer also went on to note that being onstage in front of fans drives her as well. But what does Ciara do when she isn’t feeling as assured or bold? The mom shared that she checks in with herself to gain perspective.

Why Ray Romano’s Future on Made for Love Is Unclear

We aren’t made for a world without Ray Romano on Made for Love.

During the penultimate episode of season two of the HBO Max science fiction series, viewers watched as Herbert (Romano), who had stopped his cancer treatment, passed away while camping with daughter Hazel (Cristin Milioti). Well, the artificially intelligent version of Hazel who had taken over the real Hazel’s body.

This is important to mention, as, when Hazel reclaimed control of her body from Other Hazel, she learned that Herbert’s consciousness was also stored at Gogol. So, we couldn’t help but wonder, Could we get an A.I. version of Herbert or Other Herbert in season three?

For answers, we turned to Milioti, who told E! News, “I would say stay tuned to find out? You can put that question mark on there too, because it’s a question.”

While the Made for Love star didn’t have a concrete update to share, she did note that the status of Herbert’s consciousness does “definitely open up a world of both exciting and disturbing possibilities.”

Lala Kent Reveals Hopes for Vanderpump Rules’ Season 10 Cast

Grab a pumptini and listen up, Vanderpump Rules fans.

Bravo announced earlier this month that the hit reality series is set to return for its landmark 10th season, and while details are currently at a minimum, Lala Kent is dishing on the big news—including how she found out in the first place. 

“I literally learned that we were picked up for season 10 through Lisa [Vanderpump‘s] Instagram post,” Lala said with a laugh during an Amazon Livestream on May 20. “I was like, ‘Was anyone gonna call us and let us know?!'”

The Give Them Lala Beauty owner added that she’s not sure what the cast will look like, but she has an ideal group in mind. “I hope everybody is in,” Lala said. “I feel like we had a really great cast. I would love to see people added back on, [but] I don’t know if that’ll happen.”

How The Staircase Adds a Meta Twist to a Known True Crime Story

Antonio felt that Colin’s likability as a celebrity figure—who doesn’t love him in Bridget Jones’s Diary?—was an advantage, explaining, “It allowed you to connect with with the character in the way that you should right away because we meet a person who’s a grieving husband and you need to connect with him in that moment. And then as things unfold, you have to start looking at him differently.”

And is where the writers started to stray from the documentary, which had stopped being filmed at this point.

By episode five, Colin really starts to pull on the heartstrings as he plays Michael, who is convicted and sent to prison. Once there, he’s beaten by fellow inmates and his kids are starting to move on with their lives, leaving him alone and the shell of the man viewers first met.

Episode five further shocks viewers with its reveal that The Staircase documentary editor Sophie Brunet (Juliette Binoche) started a long-distance relationship with Michael while he was in prison. She sends him books and letters in which she promises him that he will be free soon enough, inadvertently drawing her own credibility into question—and sparking a debate between the filmmakers.

Donny Osmond feared never walking again after singer was left ‘unable to move’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Donny Osmond underwent back and neck surgery in 2019 which had left him temporarily unable to move. The Puppy Love singer revealed his arms and legs went numb during the final performance of the musician and his sister Marie Osmond’s Las Vegas residency.

During their final show three years ago, Donny knew immediately something was wrong with him but the star’s eager fans were none the wiser.

The 64-year-old spoke candidly about the incident which led to a 12-month nightmare for the musician and proved a challenging time for the musician.

While on the stage at the Flamingo Hotel, Donny explained he continued to perform after his body went numb.

“I couldn’t feel my arms, then suddenly my legs too,” he explained. “I didn’t tell anyone what was happening to me. I just kept dancing and finished the show.”

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The performer later visited doctors who found his spine had shifted due in part to previous dancing injuries, including one sustained when he won the US version of Strictly Come Dancing, called Dancing With The Stars in 2009.

While his back and neck surgery was successful, Donny had a shocking discovery during his recovery while at his home in Utah.

The former teen idol discovered that he had contracted a secondary infection and was unable to move.

Donny told the Mirror: “I thought everything was going to be fine, but it couldn’t have been worse.

Addressing his wife, the performer added: “She knows exactly the sort of determination that I have and she knew I would be fine.”

Donny and Debbie have lived in marital bliss ever since they exchanged their wedding vows more than four decades ago.

The longtime lovebirds became experts at maintaining their unbreakable bond even before saying “I do,” and it all started on the day Donny gave his spouse a kiss in 1976.

Debbie was playing hard to get, and I wanted to plan something really, really special for our first kiss,” the Masked Singer alum once told Utah Valley Magazine of a sweet date he put together for Debbie.

“I told her a limo would show up at her house at a certain time, and then we were headed to Sundance for dinner.”

Following their meal, Debbie went on a scavenger hunt to find presents that Donny hid for her.

Once she neared the end, her then-boyfriend asked her for a kiss and, of course, Debbie didn’t say no.

Donny has since taken up a solo Las Vegas Residency following his return to the stage.

Winona Ryder Calls Stranger Things Kid “the Next Meryl Streep”

Winona Ryder has real love—and respect—for her Stranger Things co-stars.

Ahead of the show’s season four premiere on May 27, the two-time Academy Award nominee reflected back on the legacy of the show, while heaping some major praise on its younger cast members.

“I continue to be blown away by these kids,” Winona told E! News. “I was their age when the show takes place. These kids are just magic.”

She can hardly even call them kids anymore. Millie Bobby Brown, who was just 12 when she was cast on Stranger Things, is now 18 years old.

Seeing Millie in her season four wig has made some people do a double-take because she bears a striking to resemblance to a younger Winona. “It was wild seeing her like that,” Winona said. “When I was that age, I had dyed-black [hair], goth going on. But there is definitely a resemblance.”

Winona, who has worked with just about every accomplished actress in the industry, saved perhaps her highest accolades for 20-year-old Sadie Sink, who plays Max. 

“Sadie is like Liv Ullmann,” Winona gushed. “She’s going to be like Meryl Streep.” No pressure, Sadie!

What Tristan Thompson Was Doing While Khloe Kardashian Dined in Italy

Tristan Thompson might be sitting this one out.

While ex Khloe Kardashian was off in Italy enjoying a pasta dinner with her family on May 20, Tristan seemed to reveal what he was up to on Friday night.

The NBA star, who split with Khloe last year, shared footage on his Instagram Story of his night in with their daughter True Thompson, 4.

“Twinz,” he wrote with two heart emojis, alongside a photo of the father-daughter duo posing with plastic toys at the kitchen table. 

In a later video, True was seen using a spoonful of product to style Tristan’s hair. “Oh, wow, that’s a big one,” he remarked of her technique, before noting that his “waves are gonna be looking like tsunami, right?”

Tristan quipped, “Say ‘Tsunami!'” 

He then panned the camera to show his slicked-back ‘do, declaring, “Styling by True,” while she washed off her utensils. It’s unclear when the video was taken.

On the other side of the globe, Khloe had wrapped up her night out in Portofino, Italy, where wedding festivities were kicking off for sister Kourtney Kardashian and rocker Travis Barker. (The couple legally married in Santa Barbara, Calif., last weekend.)

Why Pauline Chalamet Never Uses Her Phone Before Noon

Don’t expect a text back from Pauline Chalamet in the morning.

The Sex Lives of College Girls star shared some of her life hacks in Paris during an exclusive interview with E! News at Elle‘s Hollywood Rising Event on May 18, where she was honored as one of the rising actresses.

The has made strict rules surrounding about how she chooses to spend her days—including never looking at her  phone before noon. She sticks to this, “Always, even when I’m working.” 

Pauline added that she doesn’t have her phone in her room “ever” when she’s working. “I wake up with an alarm clock…I set an alarm.” 

The actress — who grew up in an artist colony in New York City with her younger brother Timothée Chalamet — plays Kimberly Finkle on the popular HBO Max series created by Mindy Kaling. The show has proved to be a hit among audiences and Pauline is gearing up to take on the recently greenlit season two.