‘They ain’t bringing us down’ Rebekah Vardy’s angry texts to Jamie about Coleen and Wayne | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Rebekah Vardy’s texts to husband Jamie slamming Coleen and Wayne Rooney, as well as the press, have been shown in court during the trial between the WAGs. Rebekah accused Coleen’s manager of leaking a negative story about her, and claimed the media “made her blood boil”. 

In texts shown in court, Rebekah linked Jamie to a news story with the headline ‘Wayne Rooney asks Jamie Vardy to make sure his wife lowers her social media profile during Euros’. 

She wrote: “Jesus… This must have come from somewhere! Bet it’s his Mrs manager x” (Sic).

Jamie replied: “Haha no1 said a word, probably the b***** FA”.

“Joke makes my blood boil,” Rebekah shot back. 

He added: “F*** them they ain’t bringing us down,” (Sic). 

Meanwhile, the Instagram posts Coleen made in a deliberate attempt to ensnare the mystery person she believed was leaking stories about her, have also been revealed in court. 

Coleen invented false stories about herself and her family and posted them online, eventually only making them visible to Rebekah’s account – and she says the information still made its way into The Sun – though Rebekah has denied being the leak. 

One Instagram Story was a photo taken from inside a busy pub, Ri Ra Georgetown, in which Coleen professed she “took kids home” because they “finally had a babysitter” (sic). 

In another, Coleen claimed she was making “TV decisions today” and considering a move to Australia. 

She then wrote another post which claimed she was “sky diving and at the driving range with Kai”.

Another photo Coleen posted on her private account showed her “reunited for a few days” with her sons and husband Wayne. 

She had also posted a screenshot of a story in The Sun claiming she had undergone gender selection in a “desperate bid to have baby girl”, claiming it was true they had considered the process, but they had decided against it, opting instead for the “natural way”. 

Other false stories Coleen posted about her own life included that she was “escaping the measle outbreak in Washington” (sic). 

She has claimed these posts are evidence that someone was leaking stories about her, as versions of the stories all ended up in The Sun. 

Rebekah has denied leaking information about Coleen to The Sun, and last week stormed out of court in tears before Coleen’s lawyer had finished his closing argument. 

Lawyer David Sherborne had accused Rebekah of destroying “incriminating” evidence.

The hearing has now finished, and judge Mrs Justice Steyn will hand down her decision at a later date. 

Catherine Zeta Jones wows fans as she shares throwback from early Hollywood career | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Catherine Zeta Jones, 52, established herself in Hollywood when she starred in The Mask of Zorro in 1998.

The actress has sparked a frenzy online as she posted a picture from the film where she played Elena Montero, Antonio Banderas’ love interest in the film.

In the still from the film, Catherine can be seen brandishing a sword as she stares into the distance while wearing a white dress.

In view of her 4.1 million Instagram followers, she captioned the picture: “Me when people try to talk to me before I’ve had my coffee.”

Social media users rushed to the comments to compliment the actress on the throwback snap and her beauty.

Sarahsdangelo said: “Beautiful woman always.”

Tinyfeetzzz10 added: “The most beautiful woman in the planet!”

Cosmicbob55 commented: “I have this photo, which you signed for me many moons ago! Thanks!”

The Mask of Zorro, released in 1998, was based on the character of the masked vigilante Zorro created by Johnston McCulley.

The film was released in the United States on July 17, 1998 to critical and commercial success, grossing $250 million on a $95 million budget.

With such success, a sequel, The Legend of Zorro, was released in 2005.

Jamie Oliver sparks uproar after ‘tone deaf’ Eton Mess debacle – ‘Attack on working class! | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Twitter user, @NateandDestroy fumed: “I see Jamie Oliver is once again attacking working class families by pretending to care about the food they eat. How about instead of scrapping money saving deals on food, we make healthy food cheaper? We help the cost of living? We give better access to child care? Raging Tory.”

@theashrb commented: “Jamie Oliver is becoming increasingly tone deaf, and maybe HE is the one that needs an Eton mess pudding in his face.”

@SueWill echoed: “Instead of ‘Middle Class Warrior’ Jamie Oliver protesting about kids getting fat, how about he protests about them getting fed instead. Yes, obesity is an issue that needs tackling but in the current climate, kids starving is a more pertinent problem surely?”

@Josharron remarked: “I hope when Jamie Oliver returns to his multimillion-pound home after a long day of making food access less equitable during a cost of living crisis, he feels a great sense of pride and accomplishment.”

Naked protester crashes Cannes’s 2022 red carpet as Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton attend | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

The 75th annual Cannes Film Festival is currently on its fourth day, with Hollywood’s Tilda Swinton and Idris Elba attending for the screening of their latest film, Three Thousand Years Of Longing (Trois Mille Ans A T’Attendre).

However, not all went smoothly on this evening’s red carpet as a topless protester surrounded the celebrities.

The women bared all with a Ukranian flag painted onto her chest, with “Stop raping us” written over her chest.

She only wore a pair of knickers that were covered in fake blood, with handprints and red marks covering the area.

Celebrities including Victoria Secret’s Alessandra Ambrosio could be seen being protected by a bodyguard as security tried to deal with the situation.

The protester took to the floor screaming as she was surrounded by security covering her modesty with a black jacket.

She could then be seen being escorted off the premises.

Her protest comes as news has hit that women across Ukraine are grappling the threat of rape as a weapon of war.

There has been growing evidence of sexual violence emerging in areas dominated by Russian soliders.

Russian forces still control vast swathes of Ukrainian territory and population.

In every region that gets liberated, reports emerge of horrific war crimes.

‘Such a power move’ Russell Kane on how Prince Charles and William honoured the Queen | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

“I don’t know if you remember the Queen Mother, she wasn’t seen in public towards the end, because she didn’t like to be seen – she wouldn’t use a wheelchair and didn’t want to be seen using a zimmer frame because she thought it was un-leaderlike and not regal. 

“I suspect Her Majesty has got a similar sort of [thing], it’s not vanity, it’s a PR-type thing. 

“You need to be seen as a strong leader, she’s always so powerful, she probably doesn’t want to be seen having mobility issues, in fact she has stated that.

“So, I think she’s picking and choosing her engagements so when she does an engagement she can boss it, pearls on, standing up and in style.

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Rupert Friend Spills Grand Inquisitor Secrets

In addition to collaborating with Harold and director Deborah Chow, Friend trained with stunt coordinators, who he described as “the best in the world.” 

“These are master, master swordsmen, masters of pretty much all the martial arts you could imagine rolled into one,” Friend said. “So there’s almost a balletic quality about it that I find very, very beautiful.”

The actor added that he doesn’t think lightsaber battles can be compared to other fights, saying, “It’s not two guys brawling in a bar.”

See the star’s lightsaber skills in action when Obi-Wan Kenobi premieres May 27 on Disney+.

‘Another monkey’ Michael Sheen, 53, welcomes second baby with girlfriend Anna Lundberg | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Michael Sheen, 53, has welcomed his second child with long term partner Anna Lundberg, 27. The Good Omens star announced the happy news on Twitter, and while he didn’t reveal the gender, his fans are convinced they have guessed it. 

He posted a photo of the newborn baby clutching at his finger with their tiny hand. 

“And just like that….there was another monkey jumping on the bed,” he wrote.

While he didn’t confirm if they had a boy or a girl, his eagle-eyed fans noticed the baby was wearing a pink and white striped babygro.

They were adamant this meant they had a girl.

More to follow. 

‘Another monkey’ Michael Sheen, 53, welcomes second baby with girlfriend Anna Lundberg

Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney libel case hears of ‘substantial damages’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

The statement was made by Rebekah’s barrister Hugh Tomlinson QC at the end of the libel trial at London’s High Court. He claimed “serious harm” had been caused to Rebekah’s reputation and “the award of damages ought to reflect that” which were “substantial”.

Coleen accused Rebekah, who is married to Leicester City player Jamie, of leaking information from her private Instagram story in October 2019.

Rebekah is suing Coleen for libel in a trial that began last Tuesday.

In closing submissions Mr Tomlinson set out to Mrs Justice Steyn, who is presiding over the trial, why Rebekah should win the case.

He told the judge Coleen “did not need to make a post” about Rebekah Vardy as it was “not in the public interest”.

Mr Tomlinson said: “This is really a falling out between two individuals over what’s essentially a private matter.

“We say the public interest is not actually engaged at all. If it was engaged, then it wasn’t reasonable for Mrs Rooney to put on a post in the way that she did. It wasn’t reasonable for her to believe it was in the public interest for her to post in the way she did at the time she did.

“She must have foreseen it would have a big impact.

”This is a serious and extremely upsetting matter that’s been a burden on her family over the past two-and-a-half years.”

The barrister said the idea Rebekah Vardy was a public figure that needed to have her “hypocrisy” corrected publicly was “fantastical”.

Mr Tomlinson told the court Rebekah brought the case as she wants to be “vindicated”, and still does not know how Coleen’s information was leaked.

But he said Mrs Vardy accepts it is “possible” her former agent Caroline Watt was “the source” of the leaks.

“She doesn’t want to be in the position of accusing her friend and former long-term agent of doing something wrong,” Mr Tomlinson said.

“She sees, as everybody does, the indications that point that way. Her fundamental position is that she doesn’t know what happened.”

“Mrs Vardy has made mistakes. Perhaps the most serious of these may have been to trust Ms Watt as her agent.”

Mr Tomlinson also challenged the suggestion by Coleen’s barrister David Sherbourne that Mrs Vardy and Ms Watt were “obsessed” with Mrs Rooney.

He said out of around 1,200 pages of messages over two years only around ten pages related to conversations about Coleen.

He said: “There is very little about the Rooneys in these conversations. “We don’t have two women who are obsessed with Mrs Rooney, we have two women who over a period of two years mention her on a few occasions.”

He also addressed Whatsapp conversations in which the pair mention ‘leaking’ stories.

Mr Tomlinson said: “She’s prepared from time to time to discuss providing information to the newspapers about specific incidents and about specific people.

“What’s actually happening is they are gossiping.

“The position is clear, really. From time to time, Mrs Vardy and Ms Watt used the language of leaking.

“Your ladyship has to decide what they meant by that. We say in some cases it is just loose language that isn’t really about leaking at all.”

Mrs Justice Steyn has reserved her judgment and it will be handed down on a date to be fixed.

Donny Osmond says wife ordered him to ‘sleep on couch’ after Dancing With The Stars stint | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

American singer and entertainer Donny Osmond, 64, has opened up about his time on Dancing with the Stars a candid new interview. The Osmonds vocalist explained that his unimpressed wife Debbie, 63, would sometimes ask him to “sleep on the couch” following his performances.

Donny spoke about his wife’s reaction to his stint on the popular dancing show after admitting it was a tough gig. 

Thanks to the often sensual numbers the celebrities often have to act out with their attractive professional partners, it’s not difficult to understand why it might rub their partners up the wrong way.

Interviewing him about his time on the show, broadcaster Kevin Pollack jokingly asked Donny: “When you came home, did your wife say, ‘Alright, we’re going out dancing’?

Laughing, Donny swiftly replied: “No, she saw some of the dances and said, ‘you’re sleeping on the couch’.”

READ MORE: Gary Lineker speaks out as Jamie Vardy blasts Wayne Rooney’s evidence

“I wanted to win,” Donny continued, before adding: “Kym Johnson my partner: such a sweet lady, but don’t give her a whip!

“In rehearsal hall…Oh my goodness. But thanks to her we won, because she just pushed me hard.”

During the interview, the pop sensation went on to confirm that his time on the competition was the most dancing he’d “ever done”. 

The star’s experience on the show certainly wasn’t all positive, as he revealed he was forced to compete with multiple health issues at the time. 

“I won with a cracked rib, a broken toe and a neck injury from a previous accident,” he shared. 

“And I was at the bottom of the leaderboard [at first] but then it was just like: ‘Boom, boom, boom’ and then I finally won the thing!” he told Kevin during his backstage interview with BroadwayWorld.

The star completed the interview ahead of his brand-new Las Vegas show, DONNY.

Donny rose to fame with his four older brothers in the musical group The Osmonds, earning several top ten hits and gold albums.

Coleen Rooney’s bombshell Instagram messages she claims snared Rebekah Vardy – REVEALED | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Another photo Coleen posted on her private account showed her “reunited for a few days” with her sons and husband Wayne. 

She had also posted a screenshot of a story in The Sun claiming she had undergone gender selection in a “desperate bid to have baby girl”, claiming it was true but that they had decided against it, opting instead for the “natural way”. 

Other false stories Coleen posted about her own life included that she was “escaping the measle outbreak in Washington”. 

Previously in the trial, the court was also shown another Instagram Story Coleen had posted, professing that the basement of their new house had leaked – untrue, but a story that ended up in The Sun.