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Janice Robinson, 54, had extarodinary success with Livin’ Joy releasing the hit Dreamer, however she left the band with Tameko Starr taking her place. Likewise, Tameko had huge success, releasing the band’s album and the hit Don’t Stop Movin’. However, the pair have spoken exclusively to Express.co.uk about the “imposter” Luzahnn who is now “pretending” to be Livin Joy.

Janice joined Livin’ Joy in the early 90s, releasing the single Dreamer before going solo in 1999.

The singer released her own solo album, The Color Within Me, in 1999 and even toured with Tina Turner in 2000.

When Janice left the band, Tameko took over and released the single Don’t Stop Movin’.

She also wrote and sung the band’s only album, of the same name, but all went quiet for Tameko when she returned to the USA.

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Disaster struck for the pair when Janice noticed in 2001 a stranger performing as Livin’ Joy in London Pride.

The individual in question, Luzahnn, has performed at several UK festivals including Mighty Hoopla and Back To The 90s.

She even has a Facebook page under the bands name, with the information saying that she has “all the qualities to provide a world class vocal performance which is worthy of Livin’ Joy’s seminal house records”.

Speaking about the “injustice” that is happening, Janice said to Express.co.uk: “What’s happening today is injustice. We are victims. We are real victims of a type of artists street identity theft.

“I mean, it is a nightmare. It’s very, very hurtful.

“Because when you’re young, you’re a little girl you dream of being this huge star you want to know, get out here and do your thing and here’s someone comes and they take away everything that you have worked for.”

Tameko admitted that she “worked hard” in the studio to create the Livin’ Joy album and is devastated that others are “benefiting financially” from her work.

The pair even mentioned times that they have been tagged in pictures with fans believing they are with them.

Janice continued: “I would be okay if this woman made any contribution to the Livin’ Joy name by writing a song.

“But she does nothing except jumping around and singing over our voices, which is just cringy.”

The Sun reached out to Luzahnn and asked for comment on Janice and Tameko’s accusations.

She said: “I have never claimed to be Janice Robinson or Tameko Starr, however I did block Janice as she became extremely patronising.”

Janice and Tameko admitted that they have tried to get in contact with the “imposter” in a “civil, calm way” but they just received “attitude” back.

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