Rhian Sugden’s assets grown ‘so big’ it’s ‘unbearable to walk’, leaving her ‘hunched over’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Rhian Sugden, 35, claims she has all her weight “up front”, leaving her in serious amounts of pain when she walks due to the large size of her breasts. As a result, the former page 3 model said she has hired a personal trainer to help improve her “hunched over” posture.

Speaking in a new interview, the model spoke of the “unbearable” pain she is in because of her 34F chest.

She said: “I have always been quite lucky because my mum is slinky so I’ve got good genes, but all my weight goes to my boobs, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but right now my boobs are so big that it’s unbearable to walk.

“I just booked a personal trainer because I want to build a bum and some legs. I am like a seven-year-old boy from behind… I’m all up front my bum lets me down.

“I want to go to the gym to sort my posture out because I am hunched over all the time.”

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Rhian continued that when she was on Page 3 she was only a “32D”, with her bra size having now gone up to a 34F.

She said her ideal size would be a “nice B or C cup” although she believes this would leave her work “affected”.

To solve the problem Rhian hired a personal trainer to help “shrink” her breasts, as a boob reduction can leave you with a “lot of scarring”, she told MailOnline.

Rhian’s body comments come after Victoria Beckham said in a new interview that she believes “women today want to look healthy, and curvy and they want to have some boobs – and a bum.”

“So last year when I was in Miami and starting to go out again, post-Covid, I wanted a change. I wanted to feel sexy again.”

Victoria then went on to confirm that David “loves” seeing her new curves on display.

She added: “Much as I do dress for myself, I also love the fact that he [David] loves me in these dresses”, she told Grazia magazine.

Rhian has always benefited from her assets, having a successful career as a Page 3 model.

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