Deborah James praises husband for ‘swallowing tears’ as he helps her make it to book event | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

BBC’s Deborah James, 40, shared to her Instagram followers that she had been able to arrive at her book launch “at the crack of dawn” due to her loving husband, Sebastien Bowen. The Bowel Babe broadcaster gushed over her “rock” Sebastien and how they are able to “swallow the tears” and enjoy the last part of her life together.

Deborah shared a picture of herself in a wheelchair with Sebastien kneeling down next to her outside RHS Garden before the crowds arrived.

The brave star wrote a heartfelt message to her followers as she gushed over his help as her new book launched.

She penned in view of her 756,000 followers: “Seb whisked me ( bit of a mission but worth it!) at the crack of dawn to @rhswisley before all the crowds., to say we’ll be done for the book launch, and it was just perfect for an hour.

“I haven’t left the house in 10 days as I have been too weak, and whilst I’m now going to snooze for most of the day (in the sun like a cat!) – I love this picture that reminds me of vibrant green life all around, despite the sadness of knowing the state of my body inside.

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“But Seb is an utter rock for me and together we seem to be able to squeeze our hands, swallow the tears and laugh instead.

She continued: “I’m blown away and utterly grateful by the response to the book pre-launch and the sheer numbers of you who have kindly ordered it.

“Not only contributing to the @bowelbabefund but also making it number one in the best sellers Amazon list.

“It’s always been my pipe dream to write a bestseller. My first book just missed out, so maybe just maybe I’ll never know about this one, but I’m sure I’ll be celebrating somewhere!!”


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