Watch Zayn Malik Sing One Direction’s “Night Changes” 8 Years Later

Even when the night changes, it will never change how well Zayn Malik can sing this tune.

The 29-year-old shared a rare video of himself singing the One Direction jam “Night Changes,” which is now the boy band’s No. 1 song on Spotify. Zayn’s new performance is worth a listen: Watch his video here.

Naturally, fans took to the comment section to gush over his voice and the fact he was singing a One Direction track after all these years. One user wrote, “zayn singing 1d songs in 2022 is literally the best thing could ever happen.” (After all, there was some drama involving Liam Payne earlier this year.)

Another chimed in to declare “Omg my ears are blessed.”

Meanwhile, a different user wrote, “NIGHT CHANGES!??YOUR VOICE!??? YOU!????”

Flash back almost seven years and fans may remember March 25, 2015, the day Zayn officially left One Direction.

At the time of his departure from the group, the then-22-year-old broke the news to fans in a message on social media.

Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney Channels Maddy on the Red Carpet

Bitch, they’re soulmates, even when it comes to style.

Sydney Sweeney—who plays Cassie Howard on HBO’s Euphoria—seemingly gave a style shoutout to her onscreen best friend while attending the 2nd Annual Hollywood Critics Association TV Awards in Beverly Hills on Aug. 13.

There in support of her series The White Lotus, the 24-year-old actress turned heads on the red carpet wearing a dark green velvet vintage 1981 mini dress by Thierry Mugler, featuring a sculpted, pointed bust, dramatic puff sleeves, a cinched belt and a ruffled peplum. She completed the look with a pointy-toe pair of Jimmy Choo pumps with metallic cap-toes and a collection of De Beers jewels.

Eagle-eyed Euphoria fans quickly noticed that the frock looked familiar. In the show’s second episode of season two, “Out of Touch,” Cassie’s BFF Maddy Perez (played by Alexa Demie) babysits for a wealthy family and plays dress-up in the designer-filled closet of the child’s mother (Minka Kelly).

Kim Kardashian Is A Total Mood While Ziplining With North West

Adventure is out there, and Kim Kardashian has found it.

The Kardashians star documented her latest thrill-seeking mother-daughter date with North West that included a fun zipline ride. Well, not everyone thought it was fun.

“I cried every step of the way because I am so afraid of heights but I did it,” Kim wrote on her Instagram Stories on Aug. 15. “And I promise I’m never doing it again.”

On TikTok, Kim shared a video she made with her 9-year-old daughter during their latest wilderness getaway. The clip starts off with the two exclaiming, “Ziplining!”

Then, the video cuts to a clip of Kim driving a car through the dirt before they stop and walk to their high-level destination.

Rebecca Gayheart Takes “Family Vacay” With Estranged Husband Eric Dane

Paging Dr. Sloan to St. Tropez.

Rebecca Gayheart and her estranged husband Eric Dane enjoyed a trip to the French Rivera with their daughters Georgia Dane, 10 and Billie Dane, 12.

In a snap posted to Rebecca’s Instagram on Aug. 15, Eric, Billie, Rebecca and Georgia are seen out and about during their trip. She captioned the moment, “This is us , family vacay 2022” and added the hashtags #familia, #goodtimes and #eurodanes.

The model shared looks into their vacation life on her Instagram Stories by posting videos from the beach and a picture of the “Kids table.” The family also posed for a picture with friends during their St. Tropez stay, which Rebecca posted with the words “My People” to her Stories.

The group’s retreat comes four years after Rebecca filed for divorce from Eric. At the time, the pair noted that “ending our marriage is the best decision for our family.”

The Bachelorette: Why Gabby Said an Emotional Goodbye to Nate

Elsewhere, Rachel chose Zach for her one-on-one date in Amsterdam, which did not sit well with Tino.

“You can’t help when you don’t get the date card to be like, ‘What the f–k?,'” Tino said. “Right now, all I’m privileged to know is that the scoreboard this week reads that Zach wins the amazing one-on-one. And it’s his second one. It’s pretty gutting.”

After an afternoon spent galloping through tulip fields and a romantic dinner in the middle of an art museum—in which Zach revealed he recently lost 85 pounds and the two bonded over their appreciation for the value of therapy—Rachel gave Zach a rose and an official invite to hometown dates next week.

After an emotional goodbye to Nate, Gabby treated her remaining guys to a group date that was supposed to be sexy, but really ended up being incredibly awkward. After entering a dark room, they were introduced to a sex expert dressed in all-leather and holding a huge whip. 

The men were put through a bunch of different exercises, meant to test their sexual fetishes. Johnny was the only guy to fully embrace the experience, while the others mostly giggled and looked uncomfortable.

“I was kind of hoping today would be the deep dive into who we are and what we represent,” Logan said. “I’m just blindfolded laying on a shag carpet waiting for her to rub whipped cream on my nipples.” 

Speaking of Logan, host Jesse Palmer revealed to Gabby that, after the group date, Logan had tested positive for COVID, forcing that evening’s cocktail party to be canceled. 

Logan’s future on the show was never expressly addressed, but it does not appear that he will return to the competition.

House of the Dragon Actor Received Racial Abuse After Casting

“There was also a Black American chap who is a big fan of the show who contacted me saying that he gets abuse because he championed me for the part,” Toussaint revealed. “On platforms like Reddit, which I’m not on, there are such discussions going on about it. I was like, ‘Oh wow,’ and then I thought, ‘Okay, this means a lot to some people,’ but I can’t allow that to bother me.”

Toussaint is far from the first actor of color to receive racist messages online after being cast in a high-profile project.

“Someone I’ve known for a long time, he had it [when he was cast on a Marvel project],” the actor said. “A friend of mine who played Hermione in the stage version of Harry Potter, she got it. I’ve worked with [Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor] John Boyega, and he got it. If it bothers you so much, don’t watch.”

Even more recently, Obi-Wan Kenobi actress Moses Ingram received an influx of hateful messages after the show premiered on Disney+ in May.

“There’s nothing anybody can do about this,” the actress said on Instagram at the time. “There’s nothing anybody can do to stop this hate. I question my purposes in even being here in front of you saying that this is happening. I don’t really know.”

Keke Palmer’s Candid Message About Adult Acne Is Totally Relatable

Keke Palmer is sick of struggling with her skin issues.

The 28-year-old actress took to social media to vent her frustrations with her adult acne and hilariously questioned why doctors have not yet found a “cure” for the condition. 

“I was just thinking about the fact that plastic surgeons are amazing,” she began her video on Aug. 10 as she rocked a make-up free face. “They can give you a boob job, above the muscle, under the muscle, liposuction, tummy tuck, BBL, they can even implant muscles, I mean, the list goes on. But they cannot figure out how to clear up somebody’s skin?”

Keke continued, “All these years and all these inventions, you can’t figure out how to take the beautiful skin from my ass and put it on my face? I’m tired of it. I’m done with it. People out here with adult acne are struggling, and you haven’t figured out that cure? I’m done.”

Brooklyn Beckham admits he wants ten kids with wife Nicola Peltz and to start ‘young’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Brooklyn Beckham, the 23-year-old son of fashion entrepreneur Victoria and ex-footballer David, has admitted that he is desperate to become a young father. However that enthusiasm may not be shared by Nicola, 27, right now – and he has agreed to wait until she is “ready”.

Victoria was 24 when she gave birth to Brooklyn – just a year older than he is now – and he would love it if starting a family would follow the same pattern for him.

“I’ve always wanted to be a young dad and I would love to have a family soon, but whenever my wife is ready,” he admitted in a new interview.

“I could have, like, ten, but her body… it’s her decision,” he conceded to Entertainment Tonight.

Though he’s unsure if his ambition will be fulfilled, he does know that Nicola, who has ‘Family first’ tattooed on her ribs in Yiddish, is someone who values family life.

The former youth footballer, who eventually decided against following in his famous father’s sporting footsteps, has also revealed that Nicola believes their first born is likely to be a boy.

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Talking to Variety about the family they feel they will have “one day”, he added that they intend to combine surnames.

“It’ll be so cool to… have little Peltz Beckhams running around,” he gushed emotionally.

Brooklyn had been talking at the Variety Power of Young Hollywood event following his move with Nicola to the USA, where her extended family is based.

The pair kissed on the red carpet, while Nicola showed off her new brunette hairstyle.

Meanwhile, Nicola decided to share a photo of herself in floods of tears alone in her bed last week, fuelling rumours of a rift between herself and Brooklyn’s mum Victoria.

Some fans had believed the two lovebirds had been on the verge of splitting over Nicola’s adamant decision that she would not want to move to the UK – and Victoria’s alleged sadness that her son would be living thousands of miles away.

Asked whether she would ever be an honorary Londoner, she told Tatler: “‘I would say no… because I love knowing I am so close to my family [in the USA].”

However Nicola spoke out to clarify that she gets on well with her mother-in-law, in spite of choosing not to wear one of her creations for her wedding day.

Meanwhile her husband has been busy behind the scenes with his Facebook project, a show called Cookin’ with Brooklyn.

His unusual food choices, such as a fish and chip breakfast bagel, have certainly attracted attention from followers.

“Ever since the pandemic, all he’s wanted to talk about is being in the kitchen,” she explained to Tatler, “so I just started filming him one day.

“I said, ‘This is what you love,'” Nicola explained, adding that she enjoys watching him talk to her billionaire dad to “learn” from him as he ponders his next business move.

Fiona Bruce feared BBC show Fake or Fortune would be ‘killed’ when idea totally failed | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Question Time’s Fiona Bruce has recalled the moment she thought her popular television show Fake or Fortune? would fail. The presenter explained she feared the lack of “happy ending” in one episode would put viewers off.

Fake or Fortune? Sees Fiona, 58, team up with art dealer Philip Mould, known as “the art detective”, to forensically analyse art to discover its origins and worth. 

Back in 2011, the first ever episode of the show followed someone who believed they had a Monet oil painting depicting the River Seine at Argenteuil in France.

The producers also believed it would be real, and they discovered a photo of the painting in Monet’s obituary, furthering the prospect of it being genuine. 

But the Wildenstein’s Institute rejected their plea, leaving the owner heartbroken after trying to have the painting recognised for more than 20 years. 

Fiona, who collects art, has now told the Radio Times she thought this could spell the end of the show altogether. 

“When it was turned down, we thought, ‘Who’s going to want to watch this?’” she revealed.

“Most television comes to a happy ending. So when it didn’t work, we thought, ‘Have we just killed this idea?’”

She continued: “It doesn’t always go the way we think it’s going to go.

“There’s a heck of a build-up, and we’re all feeling it. And then, when it doesn’t turn out to be what we would like it to be, it’s hugely disappointing.”

However, Fake or Fortune? has remained a popular staple on the BBC for almost ten years, and will return to our screens this month. 

Fiona, who also hosts Antiques Roadshow, has admitted that in previous years, she tried to cram in more and more work, leading to a severe impact on her health.

In May 2020, the presenter stated that Question Time is the hardest job she has ever done “without doubt”, and just before her first live broadcast, she was “as nervous as [she has] ever been”. 

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In an interview with The Sunday Post back in 2019, she recalled a time where she “tried to cram more things in” with disastrous consequences.

Fiona said: “I have had years when I’ve tried to cram more things in. I had one year, five or six years ago, where I just became ill.

“Physically, I just couldn’t do it all. I wasn’t seriously ill but it was a bit of a wake-up call.

“I remember thinking that I just felt too tired so I became more judicious about what I chose to do and not do.”

She added: “I think I’ve slightly over-stretched myself on that front along with my BBC work, so I’m trying to be more sensible on both fronts about managing my time.”

Having made herself physically ill with her hectic work schedule, Fiona then managed to find time to become “more Zen” during lockdown.

Talking to the Radio Times, she said: “In the first week or so I was very anxious, and fearful and worried for my family.

“But then I got used to it and as time went on I forced myself to become more Zen.”

James Purefoy mocked over ‘dead in the water’ career move ‘Beginning of the end!’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

“I’m ashamed to say, given I live and was brought up in Somerset, that I never have [been],” he explained.

“Growing up, we were slightly resentful of ‘the outsiders ruining the countryside’.”

Meanwhile, he explained that he was “meant to” go and get a taste of the show this year.

“The real Fisherman’s Friends were playing, [co-star] Imelda May was playing, and there was a possibility I might get on stage – not that the crowds would’ve been begging for that,” he chuckled.

The full interview with James runs in the new issue of the Radio Times, along with an interview with cover star Lenny Henry too.